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Planning Applications

Planning Applications are discussed by the the Council

Whilst the Community Council considers and comments on all applications affecting the Community the controlling authority is West Northamptonshire Council.

You can view planning applications on the West Northamptonshire Council's website and you can make comments on applications by following this link planning applications

If you are unsure about how to comment on application or the kinds of comments you can make then you can look at our "How to comment on a planning application" page for more information.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings of the Community Council.

The Planning Committee normally meets at 7.30pm on the first Thursday of each month. You can check our meetings calendar to confirm venues and times of the meetings.

You can view the schedule of all Planning Applications reviewed by the Community in the schedule of applications below.

This list is updated monthly.

Schedule of Planning Applications

  • Planning Report 2022 02 10 (Excel Spreadsheet, 24 Kb)

    A report detailing the planning applications that have been reviewed by the Community Council.

How to comment on planning applications

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