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Ransome Road - Planning application response

Ransome Road - Planning application response

Far Cotton and Delapre Community Council have sent their response to application WNN/2023/0027 to West Northamptonshire Council. FCDCC objected to this application on the grounds of:

  • Inadequate access to the site-Ransome Road is unsuitable for the volume of traffic proposed.
  • FCDCC would like to see any comments that Northamptonshire Highways have.
  • The development is on the flood plain and this council would like further reassurance that the proposed mitigation is adequate.
  • Inadequate infrastructure - whilst S106 contributions are proposed for Education and Libraries there is no description of how the additional provision would be delivered. Far Cotton does not have a public library so we would like further detail of how this contribution will be used.
  • Local GP Practices and related services are already under strain, and it is unclear how local health services can meet the needs of the new development.
  • The community council don't believe the parking provision will be adequate for the development. Many young adults are continuing to live in their family home, and this can lead to properties needing parking for 3 or 4 cars.
  • The Community Council would like reassurance the s106 contributions will be spent in the local area for the benefit of Far Cotton, and not allocated to any central budgets.
  • The development is on a former landfill site and there is concern around contamination of the land and subsidence.
  • We are also concerned about the impact on wildlife.
  • You can download our full response below.

Posted: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 15:29 by Kate Houlihan

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