Far Cotton and Delapre in Bloom

Far Cotton and Delapre in Bloom

The first project completed by your Community Council was to create and install this year's "In Bloom Displays". We have had some wonderful feedback on the these and we hope you have enjoyed them.

In the past local businesses contributed towards the costs of these displays, however as businesses recover from Covid it didn't seem appropriate to ask for a contribution this year. Instead the Community Council successfully gained funding from West Northamptonshire Council which has paid for the project.

Councillors and volunteers from Far Cotton and Delapre Community Council came together to install the displays throughout the area. Next year we hope to expand the project and have even more members of the community getting involved.

And a massive thank you to the volunteers who have helped with planting and watering, to help keep the displays looking their best!

You can see more pictures in our gallery here: https://www.farcottonanddelapre-cc.gov.uk/in-bloom.html

Posted: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 09:44 by Kate Houlihan

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