Working for the community

The Lodge at Delapre Abbey

Creating a Community Hub

Your Community Council has begun working with partners at West Northamptonshire Council and Delapre Abbey to bring The Lodge, (the gatehouse at the entrance to the Abbey grounds), back into community use.

Whilst previous works to repair the roof have ensured the building is watertight, everything from floors to electrics and central heating will need to be replaced. So, it will take some time to scope the works and hopefully secure the funding. We will keep you informed as the project progresses.
Subject to a successful planning application and funding the plan would be for the Community Council to run the building as a
community hub, offering important services to the local community. These could include police and neighbourhood warden drop-ins, community advice through partners such as citizens advice bureau and the community law service as well as providing a base for the Community Council.
We want to know what services you would like to see being run from the hub, so whilst funding is being sought and works are ongoing, please tell us what you think?

The Lodge at Delapre Abbey

Please tell us about the services you would like to see.

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What services would you like to see being run at the Community Hub

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